Hey there! I'm Carina, also known as Scyrina, a name I chose as I started uploading some silly paperflip animations to YouTube as I was 13 y/o.
Ever since then, I was determined to make this field my profession - and here I am. I graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt with a Bachelor of Arts in Animation 2021 and am ready to dive into the industry, excited about every challenge.
I am specialized in Character and Creature Creation - the full pipeline lies in my heart- but my biggest professions are Visual Development and Character Animation.

Major Skills:
2D Visual Development
2D Character Design
2D Concept Art
3D Character Sculpting
3D Character Shading
2D Character Animation
3D Character Animation

Secondary Skills:
Storyboarding, Animatics
3D Character Rigging
3D Lighting
2D Props Concept Art
3D Props Modeling

Programs, Studios and Projects: See my Resume

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