I'm Carina, also known as Scyrina, a name I chose as I started uploading some silly animations to YouTube as I was 13 y/o.
Ever since then, I was determined to make this field my profession - and here I am. I graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt with a Bachelor of Arts in Animation and dove right into the industry.
I am specialized in Character and Creature Creation - the full pipeline lies in my heart - but my biggest professions are Visual Development and Character Animation. My character sheets are shaded professionally that ensures they can be 1:1 translated into 3D without loosing its charm!

Major Skills:
Visual Development for feature film
Character Design & Sheets
Concept Art and Lighting Keys
2D Rigged and Traditional Animation
3D Character Animation
3D Character Sculpting

Secondary Skills:
Storyboarding & Animatics
3D Character Shading, Texturing and  Rigging
3D Lighting
3D Props Modeling

Next to my artistic skills, I also had the chance
to lead an Animation Team at a studio for
three weeks, tutored students at my university
for 2 year, were featured within an FMX presentation
and got to hold industry talks about my path and skills!

For Programs, Studios and Projects: See my Resume

                          Further information:
-Through my time as a YouTube animator, I gained over 64 million views and learned a lot about trends and fandoms. If you want to build a new IP that wants to attract a wide audience, I'm the right person to ask! Let's pitch that project together paired with appealing concept art, and get it funded!
-All my artworks are done without the influence of AI. If you use an ethical AI in your studio or want to build one with the help of my skills, I am open for discussion. However, I will not paint over images that were sourced with an unethical AI (aka AIs, that use copyrighted material, such as my own).

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